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Mike Carr 02-25-2015 03:04 PM

2015 Tri-State Stock/Super Stock Association schedule
2015 Tri-State Stock/Super Stock Association presented by schedule!

~Saturday-Sunday May 23-24, Quaker City Motorsports Park, Salem OH (two races, one each day. $100 entry Saturday; $50 Sunday)
~Saturday June 6, Pittsburgh Raceway Park, New Alexandria PA ($100 entry)
~Saturday-Sunday September 12-13, Quaker City (race each day. $100 entry Saturday; $50 Sunday)**
~Saturday-Sunday September 26-27, Pittsburgh Raceway Park (race each day. $100 entry Saturday 5th annual Bob Butter-Carl Schodde Memorial race. $50 entry Sunday)
~Saturday-Sunday October 31-November 1, Mason-Dixon Dragway, Hagerstown MD (race each day. $50 entry Saturday; $100 entry Sunday-the Sunday race paying at least $2,000 or more to win).

9 (nine) races. Best 6 (six) will count for points ($25 to join points).

Look forward to seeing you all this season!

Mike Carr 03-25-2015 03:48 PM

~We have picked up some great sponsorship. Jim Lydon, Jim's nephew Jan Cavacini (Cavacini Landscaping Inc of Pittsburgh PA) and John Kunsak (John Kunsak Auto Sales of Wexford PA) have generously posted three-thousand dollars ($3,000) into our series. Also Dennis Roberts of will also be a sponsor of our series. He will be sending a check for $25 to each of the nine event winners. I want to send a huge thank you to these gentlemen; and would like all of you to take some time and send an e-mail or phone call to each of our fine sponsors and thank them as well so they know how appreciative we all are for their support.

~We will split the money up between the race purses and year-end points fund. We will put $200 into each race with a $100 entry fee, and $100 into each race with a $50 entry fee. We can bump semi-final loser money up, as well as the finalists. Perhaps even quarter-final money if we obtain further sponsorship (a racer told me that he knows a guy that may want to become involved). Depending on how our Quaker City schedule works out (either a double on Labor Day or two single races on June 20 and August 29), we will have $1,500 or $1,600 into the season-ending points fund. We already have $400 in the points fund; four points members plus my parents and I have each added a hundred dollars to the pot. So right now, we will have $1,900 or $2,000 into the points fund, plus the points members we gain throughout the season. We will pay the Top Five (5) points finishers at years end; the Champion will likely receive at least one thousand dollars ($1,000 for the champ). $500 for 2nd, 250 for 3rd, 150 for 4th and 100 for 5th (based on a $2,000 year end points fund). With more points members. those totals will increase. And if any other racers and/or companies would like to become involved with the TSSSSA, please let me know.

~Race payouts, based on twenty-five (25) cars. And, the more cars we get, the bigger the purse, the higher the payouts will be.
$100 race: Win $1,250; R/U 650; Semis $250; 3rd round 100
$50 race: Win $625; R/U 325; semis 125, 3rd round 50

Thank you so much to John, Jan, Jim, and Dennis!

Also, this year, same as last, I will be offering free entries into The annual Mason-Dixon S/SS Fall Classic like last year. For anyone who runs in six (6) of the first seven (7) races prior to the Hagerstown weekend, they will go into a drawing for a free entry into Sunday's $2,000 (or more) to win race. For anyone who runs all seven races prior to H-town, they will go into another drawing for a free entry into both days races at H-town.

Just my little contribution to give back to our racers and supporters.

Mike Carr 05-15-2015 01:24 PM

We are just over one week away from getting underway in 2015. Regular race day next Saturday. Also, the Sunday of next weekend is Nostalgia Day. Funny Car Nationals with east coast and Great Lakes funny car groups. Southern Slingshots, TSSSSA, UMTR with two stickshift-only classes, Gassers, and bracket race for 1980-older cars. Always a great time, so stop out and see us May 23-24 in Salem Ohio !

Mike Carr 05-15-2015 02:56 PM

Also, for more information on our Series, check our Forum on or Like Us on Facebook at

Mike Carr 05-31-2015 03:50 PM

Race #3 is this Saturday at Pittsburgh Raceway Park in New Alexandria PA. Regular race day plus six funny cars. Should be a fun day.

We had an awesome opening weekend last weekend, with 41 cars Saturday and 34 Sunday. Hoping to keep it rolling!

Mike Carr 08-24-2015 01:53 PM

The Labor Day weekend races at Quaker City have been rescheduled for September 12-13. $100 entry on Sat 9/12 and $50 entry Sun 9/13.

Mike Carr 09-21-2015 09:34 AM

The next race(s) at Pittsburgh are always awesome. If you enjoy a Nostalgia feel racing, this is the weekend for you. Also be sure to check out the spectator car show up on the hill; it in itself is worth price of admission.

Weekend schedule for Pittsburgh on Sept 26-27:

Weekend schedule:
Friday September 25
Track-operated test and tune. Gates open: 530pm. T-n-T: 6:30pm-midnight

Saturday Sept 26
Gates open: 8:00am
Time trials: 10:00am
TSSSSA, UMTR stickshift group, Gassers, 422 All-Stars Nostalgia/SS group (422 is only there on Saturday; 422 racers are more than welcome to run with us on Sunday ), and 1980-older car Bracket races (two classes, Box and No-Box)
S/SS race entry: $100. 5th Annual Carl Schodde-Bob Butter Memorial S/SS race

Sunday Sept 27
Gates Open: 8:00am
Time trials: 10:00am
TSSSSA, UMTR stickshift group, Gassers, and 1980-older Bracket races (two classes, Box and No-Box)
S/SS race entry: $50.

$200 extra into the Saturday race purse and $100 into the Sunday race , thanks to sponsors John Kunsak Truck Sales, Jan Cavacini Landscaping, and Jim Lydon
$25 to each days' race winner, thanks to Dennis Roberts of

Exhibition runs each day at certain times (three runs Saturday and two Sunday) also by the Southern Slingshots and Great Lakes nostalgia funny cars.

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