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slugbelch 02-15-2017 01:27 PM

2017 TV Ratings
Wasn't going to start one this year, but with the all-time record number TV turnout from the Winternationals, maybe following the results will pan out as a record TV season, or just a fluke (I think)

Originally Posted by mgty3whlr (Post 198443)


Peaked at 1,350,000 viewers, most ever for a drag racing televised event.

Ratings - 2016(FOX) and 2015 (ESPN):

Ratings - Qualifying and replays:

Sat 1pm(FS1):

Fri 7pm(FS1):

Sun 10:19pm(FS1), 2:06am(FS1), 11:30am(FS2), 12:30pm(FS2)


slugbelch 02-16-2017 11:50 AM

From Cruz's FB page:


GLENDORA, Calif. (Feb. 16, 2017) The 2017 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series began in dramatic fashion this past weekend with over one million viewers witnessing the intense racing action on the FOX broadcast network channels.

During the broadcast, 1,224,000 viewers watched as Leah Pritchett secured her second career Top Fuel win during the three-hour live broadcast of the Circle K NHRA Winternationals. This marked it as the most watched broadcast in its 57-year history.

Including the re-air on FOX Sports 1 (FS1) the eliminations broadcast was up 91% over last year’s telecast on FS1.

The qualifying shows during the opening weekend also had strong viewership on FS1. The Friday night qualifying show had 193,000 viewers and was the most watched program on the network during the day. The live one-hour qualifying show on Feb. 11 had viewership of 195,000 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

In total, over 1.9 million viewers watched the telecasts during the course of the kick-off event.

“The second year of our partnership with Fox is off to a great start in 2017,” said Ken Adelson, NHRA vice president, executive producer and chief content officer. “We’ve only just begun and appreciate our long time and new fans who support the NHRA. We also have a great production team that made it all happen and we look forward to continuing the season.”

The NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series returns to action on Feb. 24-26 with the NHRA Arizona Nationals in Phoenix. FS1 will air the finals on Feb. 26 with three hours of coverage from 6 to 9 p.m. Eastern.

Tim Charlet 02-16-2017 01:23 PM

I don't think it's a fluke - but very good timing to put on the event...not too many other sporting events to compete at the same time on a Sunday afternoon.... Interesting to note that PGA Pro Am garnered four times as many viewers but NHRA was on par with, that's cool.

What's disturbing however, is that MANY local Fox affiliates chose to broadcast Paid Programming. Ask Joe Castello from WFO Radio about that....

racer12306 02-16-2017 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by Tim Charlet (Post 198514)
What's disturbing however, is that MANY local Fox affiliates chose to broadcast Paid Programming. Ask Joe Castello from WFO Radio about that....

To say he was pissed is an understatement lol

mgty3whlr 02-22-2017 08:15 AM

Being that is about the t.v. ratings, I'll post it here:

I was watching GMA this morning and they had a segment on NASCAR stating that their viewer rating are down 45% since 2005.

NHRA is claiming that their ratings are growing by leaps and bounds.

One thing that they mentioned is the fact that social media has a huge impact on the fans being that they could get up to the minute info vs. sitting on the couch for 3+hrs.

Even though NHRA is behind the 8 ball as to being up to date with today's trend at least they are making a big effort to broadcast many of their shows live.

Granted, comparing NASCAR to NHRA, There is no comparison being that if you show up at an NHRA event, you have All day to meet your favorite driver in the pits or so unlike NASCAR where you have to purchase an autograph alley pass and stand in line like the check-out at a supermarket just get a scribble on a piece of card stock with a picture on it.

mgty3whlr 02-28-2017 08:47 PM

Not so hot this past weekend. 546k viewers for Phoenix.

de31168 02-28-2017 09:41 PM

You mean back to reality.. haha. The Daytona 500 did run long, and wasn't a lead in on FS1 so that isn't all that surprising.

slugbelch 03-04-2017 03:41 AM

... yep, back to reality at #83:

2016 FOX and 2015 ESPN results:

2017 FOX in BLUE
2016 FOX in GREEN
2015 ESPN in RED
The numbers in the boxes are more exact # viewers

mgty3whlr 03-04-2017 07:11 AM

Here's another thought that my neighbor and I were just discussing this week.

How many people still have Cable or Satellite (Dish, Direct tv.)?

I myself, ditched cable a year ago because of 2 things, The high monthly costs and no need for 300+ channels that I usually don't watch.

I just kept the home Wifi and now have a streaming device to watch the channels that I choose at a price of $44. a month for the wifi compared to $200.

What I am getting a is, How can the rating companies accumulate data from someone actually watching that channel when they are not hooked up to a cable or Sat box. Sure the first race was on the FOX main network in which most get through a digital antenna or the base tier of their provider?

FS1, FS2, ESPN, etc. are part of a "sports package" in which some choose not to have in their cable lineup.

This is my thought on why maybe, just maybe they are showing that ratings are down not with just NHRA but straight across the board with other sports.

slugbelch 03-04-2017 07:39 AM

I heard the phrase "Cutting the Cord" the last year or two now that streaming has exploded. With streaming, I hope they can release data on that format as it would be even more accurate.

Watermarks are already being used by the NFL in our building.

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