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I feel like a fish following a Mepps here, but what the heck...Ive got a few minutes. Larry, when you and NitroFan1 learn how to overcome the laws of physics, give the NHRA Tech dept a call...Im sure theyd love to hear from you. Until then we had better shut down the highways, sidewalks, airports and anything else that moves! In all seriousness, nobody here wants to see an injury or a death at a drag strip. The reality is it will happen no matter how many rules and devices are in place. Look at non-nhra strips and how close seating is to the strip. Theyve already taken step that surpass a lot of others, and the question is, where do you stop? Fans definately know the risk, and to be honest, for some that is part of the thrill of being there. Heck, look at the monster truck shows....theyve killed more fans in the last 10 years than NHRA has since it started...and they never fail to pack'em in. Im all for improvement, but until you have a valid solution, stop squealing....not gonna get any grease here.