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Originally Posted by HEMI_guy View Post
I'm not sure what they're called but Watson also builds factory roadrace cars for Ford as well as the CJ's. Interestingly enough, their shop is less than 5 miles from Team Z (right around the corner from Mike Moran's shop) and no more than 10 miles Holbrook's shop. All in the Detroit metro area.
Watson is building 05-14 S197 Mustangs for the NASA American Iron Series, a grassroots spec category. They build a nice piece, and it make more sense to buy theirs than build your own. This is the equivalent of Stock Eliminator racing.

I don't know who builds the FP350S. It's the road race version of a Cobra Jet in my opinion.

While still production based, the GT4 kicks it up a few notches and is built by Multimatic. In the IMSA Grand Sport class, these cars are the "Pro Stock" of road racing, except they actually look like their street counterparts. Mustang & Camaro compete against the European heavies...

Back to Factory Stock Showdown.....Watson, his teammate Skinner, Turk, Barton, Tasca, Libersher, and others also race with NMCA. Kind of reminiscent of the days when Pro Stock drivers would compete with multiple sanctioning bodies...

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