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Originally Posted by slugbelch View Post
35 YEARS AGO TODAY Thin Lizzy released what became their final studio album!

New member John Sykes guitar blazes throughout and makes it known that Lizzy were as contemporary as the new breed of hard rockers roaming around at the time.

By year's end, Phil pulled the plug on the band and left heartbroken fans begging them to stay. Within three years, the substance issues Lynott had been fighting would catch up with him and claim his life.

After Phil's death in 1986, the band broke up and John Sykes (blonde) went on to write, produce, and perform all lead guitars on Whitesnakes most successful album in 1987 that contained the famous tune "Still of the night". After trying to kick David Coverdale out of his own group for taking credit for his music, he went on to form his own band Blue Murder.

btw, love how Phil apologizes to his mother for saying a curse word, lol
We saw Thin Lizzy in Sept. 1978 at the Aragon Ballroom....they were still on the Bad Reputation tour. Great set by those guys, but there was one problem....They followed The Dictators (very good but not well received by the mostly stoner/metal crowd), who were the opening act, and AC/DC, who were on the Powerage tour. Angus and the boys blew. the. roof. off. that old joint. T-L must have known they had just been upstaged...

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