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Neilsen can track streaming devices better than set top boxes due to their unique fingerprint for each one (IP address, etc.). It all depends on what the client, i.e. NHRA, wants to pay for in reports/data collection that they want. These websites I get ratings from are probably only getting OTA's (Over The Air) and are the cheapest to obtain. For example, the NFL uses a watermark in the 4th audio channel for their Neilsen tracking.

One of these days Neilsen will average the streaming portion into their overall ratings, but that becomes a slippery slope. Like when Neilsen wanted to collaberate with the cable companies to data collect what channel is being displayed on your cable box. That data is available at the cable company (Netflix, Amazon, social media, etc), but becomes a "privacy issue" when it is shared for $$$.

Last week, 60 minutes did a segment with Digital Director Brad Parscale, the "Secret Weapon", on data collection and how it can be used.

Video at top of page and automatically starts. Plus the short overtime segment, to the right, is interesting when it was "TV or streaming/social media":
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