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Originally Posted by notbeenracing View Post
Not sure this applies but when I was at Sonoma I was asked by the NHRA ( Peter Clifford ) to go to a Dolby experiement in the tower to test Atmos 7. There were about 6-8 of us that listened to the new system, and were asked our thoughts. They might have been testing some of those new effects at the Pomona race, it was pretty cool to hear what they had accomplished. They had 6 engineers in the test room working on this program and telling us what they were doing. Things will be changing. I hope this might help.
Interesting. Good that someone is showing some kind of interest in the audio experience, though so few people have Atmos & there are a # of variations from the true version. But, just after all these years of NO .1 is a big improvement. Even though Atmos is just ceiling speakers & not really a bass feature.

What did you & the group think & were the engineers interested in your opinions? What was the content that they were playing?
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