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Default Millions of 'em!

OK, you guys are either pulling my leg or you don't want to take the time to reply. Of course you've seen cars with a single ladder bar! Ford and Chevy made millions of them. These were the old "torque tube drive" cars. The "torque tube" was a ladder bar. Yeah, it contained the driveshaft, but picture one of those old cars with an open driveshaft and the "tube" off to one side and pivoting from the chassis instead of the back of the transmission. It then becomes recognizable as a ladder bar car, a ladder bar car with only one ladder. But, look at this as more than a trick question. The modern ladder car actually needs only one ladder. Ford prevented rotation about the Z axis with a Panhard; Chevy did it with leaf springs. A modern ladder bar car would probably use a Panhard. Of course, it comes down to a choice, but, as a follower of the KISS principle, I would consider a single ladder the logical choice.
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