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Default Spread the Wealth!!

Originally Posted by A/FX-Pro Stock View Post

I agree wholeheartedly that NHRA's Nitro absorption is detrimental to Our Sport. Much of the root growth of Our sport has been in Factory Hot Rods historically. The artistic science of Pro Stock combined with the .0000 superhuman reaction times
and parity .0000 M.O.V."s ( Margin Of Victory ) continues to be showstopping in suspense and thrill excitement for drag racing's knowledgeable.

Count My Vote in the Non Yawner ( since less than half of the fuel cars do not even make a full pass under power ) Guy column !

NHRA - turn Your Public Relations and Marketing switch on for Pro Stock !
Thanks AFX Pro Stock a great post. Let's spread the wealth NHRA. Anyone who saw the Pro Stock final between Dave and Vincent realize that this class of racing is second to none. One of the most fun and exciting TV sports moments I've ever seen regardless of sport. To bad that sequence wasn't shown on Sportscenter and Espn. It was a classic.