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Originally Posted by comp1839 View Post
right now i'm doing a fictitious top dragster build with that sonny hemi you posted. hope you enjoy!
The fact that the Sonny Hemi isn't a full size deal blows me away. Almost nothing in that picture gives it away. I found the Top Dragster build thread and figured it would be ok to post the Sonny pic here. Hope that was ok.

You may have created a monster. I used to build models as a kid, and full size moly chassis drag cars as a young adult. Now I'm seeing how those two loves can combine in a small, clean corner of my shop. I wonder how much a Sherline mill / lathe combo is anyways? Hmmm...

If I'm ever in your neck of the woods, I'll be the guy with the beer / booze / donuts / whatever-it-takes begging for a shop tour. I might ask to be your apprentice in exchange for keeping the shop clean and mowing the lawn. I'd just need a small corner for a mat to sleep on.
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