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Gents thanks for your replies. Roger, are you talking about mounting a wheel somewhere near the flywheel, or acutally using the starter ring as the trigger wheel? I guess I should elaborate more. What I am trying to do is a exercize in frugality. I am attempting to get a 24X trigger wheel from a Gen III LS Chev on a Gen I 350 to run the coil near plug ignition, and if successful, perhaps EFI controlled by the Gen III computer. There are companies out there that offer the conversion, but at about 4 times what my budget allows. I purchased the 24X ring from GM for about $18, and am currently working out how to get it affixed to the crank (initially thinking the front of the balancer, since an MSD Crank Trigger mount will get me half way there).
mol srt8, I figured what the heck, lots of people run the flying magnets with drive accessories, but have yet to talk to any pulley makers that have anything specific for the flying magnet or any other crank trigger wheel. I guess I need to dig deeper, but have drawn a lot of blanks so far. I did find a GM crank pully that was shallower than my current pulley, but it was also about 45% larger in diameter! Not quite what I had hoped for my water pump and alternator in terms of RPM! Hope that sheds a little more light on my plans. Any more info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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