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Default Selecting tire diameter

Looking for assistance with selecting the appropriate DR for my 1967 Chevy C10. I will have two sets of rear tires 1) For street use (which I already have) and 2) strictly for drag racing (to be put on @ the track).

I'am looking for help with selecting tire diameter. I took it to the track over the weekend. With 28 inch tires I crossed the trap at 5,100 rpms (the motor redlines @ 5,700). I smoked the tires and redlined the motor off the line easily with BFG Radial TA. I am not sure if need a 26, 27, or 28 inch tire. Also, not sure how much effect the loss of traction off the line effected RPM when I crossed the traps.

Specs: 67 SWB Chevy C10
3,920 weight
BBC 470 HP
Hughs 400TH
Hughes 2500 stall
3:73 posi
Front tires are BFG Radial TA

I appreciate the help.
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