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Originally Posted by Yvonne* View Post
Good read on the sad attitude of some in racing. I've thought a lot about the attitude of some racers this year. Hagan's repeated comments that nobody is "out here to make friends" has really bothered me for some reason more this year than any other. I've met so many good people through racing so its hard understand why some think the "kill" attitude is worthwhile.
Any thoughts?
I'll comment from the perspective of very close observer....

I believe it's the nature of a completive environment. Most of the people I work with and observe are good friends at away from the track. Even when they pair up on the starting line most of them exhibit good sportsmanship.

Others just don't care for each other, to the point they don't even acknowledge one another. And if one feels the other has wronged them, holy crap...seen more than one get knocked on their keister! At least it rarely gets bad on track as happens in pack racing.

It's the same in regular jobs...on the shop floor, the office. There are some you get along with, are happy to work with. Even in a competitive way. Others, not so much. But in the end you do work with them, not undermining them, because we're supposed to be working toward common goals.

And yes...I too have met many great people through racing. Folks I'm proud to call "friend".

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