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Originally Posted by HEMI_guy View Post
If you haven't grasped just why he didn't and doesn't doesn't have to take any deals he dislikes by now, I would say your comprehension levels are severely lacking and limiting your grip on reality.

The money MOPAR pays him is mere chump change comoared to what he makes doing his day job.

Calling the guy that's building engines for the team that's dominating the class an "assembler" was just plain rude at best. Calling him a liar was beyond rude.

I now suggest that you go share your share all your thoughts directly with Allen, his dad and Jeg. I didn't think it be possible for someone other than Warren to be so bitter about him not being competitive. As far as I've seen, Roy, Warren, Allen and Kurt appear to be very respectful of each other. If I remember right, Warren had nothing but kind words for Roy when he had his issues with his heart.

So if you wish to continue to throw out your little stupid assumptions and inuendos on here, I suggest you back them up with better known facts.

Congrats... you just doubled the size of my iggy list and joined the company of that NF kid.
For your information if you can comprehend it,I said tell me the last guy to win a P/S Championship with leased engines. I was told Jeggie won it using leased engines. I said technically he was probably right. I then said maybe Mopar had something to do with it,not just AJ doing it on his own. Maybe I have the wrong info,if I do,that's just too bad.I have listened and read all of the WJ bashing on here over the years and I have defended them because I consider them my friends. The GA Johnsons are compassionate people,they even wished GA a speedy and complete recovery from his ordeal. So does it surprise me that they were the same way toward Roy,no it doesn't. You have bashed WJ so many times and all I did was defend them,I say something you don't like and all of a sudden I'm a lowlife. You have never had anything for me because of WJ and that's a fact,so look in the mirror before you say ANYTHING about me. I couldn't care less how you feel about me,I'm a self made man that has his life under control. For what it's worth,I have been pulling for EE & Elite Motorsports and I hope they go on and win the Championship. I'm done with this one but I'll still be paying attention.
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