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Originally Posted by de31168 View Post
The most telling thing I see about the results sheet from Las Vegas (I haven't really checked the rest yet) is the age of NHRA's fan base. They give a separate stat of 18-49 because that's your target money spending audience. Of the 368,000 final eliminations viewers, only a staggering 16% fall in that age range. That means the under 18 crowd or the over the hill gang really love NHRA more than anyone else. Qualifying was even worse at only 14.5%. The next closest was the College Football game at the top.. where 32% were in the age bracket. Might have been more but a lot were probably AT the game! That might be huge considering that's who advertisers want to push products to that age range.. and with really low numbers in that category, even if impressive overall, that might hurt.

Hell how about the Bassmasters at 6am. 111k viewers and 60% in the target audience.

I'm guessing it's mostly the over 49 crowd...
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