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The down fall with NHRA was to stay with ESPN as long as they did.
We don't have priority over Little league, College or Pro football.

Who wants to stay up til 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning to watch a qualifying or elimination show when you hafta be up for work the next morning?

There were some times that ESPN had the show programmed at a particular time slot and I tried to keep myself awake to only be disappointed that the show didn't get broadcasted until an hour and a half least just for another sport.
So even if you were to DVR the show, you would miss half of the show.

Amazing cause if we had an event that dragged out do to oil downs or weather live broadcasting, I would imaging that ESPN would cut the program short to broadcast another Little League game.

I know I'm babbling and a lot of people are kinda sideways about the change but, If FOX sticks with what they are offering and stick with the schedule that they are offering, The amount of viewers are going to increase.

Who wants to stay up til 4 to just watch qualifying ? Not me.
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