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Originally Posted by Tim Charlet View Post
Sure - do a poll of die-hard drag racing fans (which make up MAYBE 20% of the general fan base that attends NHRA National Events) and you are correct - I'd be willing to say that 60% of those who visit this forum, and actual post would agree that two-way is better than four-way.

But here is a shocker for you - the other 80% of the fans that attend these events couldn't care less about 2 or 4 lanes.

So, what's the better decision....making changes to a sport to please the 20% or the 80%????
I can agree with some of this but I also think when adding four way events that it should be done carefully and with seriousness. Otherwise you risk dipping over into "gimmick" racing which has produced even less fan retention and is short-lived in most cases. This is why I believe Charlotte is a points race, to ensure its taken seriously. The 80% have racing to watch because the 20% are paying for it to exist in many ways. You can't afford to lose the 20% so its a balance I think.
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