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Originally Posted by GolfRacer View Post
Tim: Here's what I care about: Is the guy selling the big bags of popcorn on the south side of the strip still going to be there? That was the best popcorn. If not: tragedy.
The REAL tragedy is the loss of the custard ice cream folks. That stuff was awesome. A big ole waffle cone for $7. Now it's milk ice cream for $10

My wife and I go to the spring Vegas race every year. It's our anniversary. I even had a heart attack when we got to Vegas on the Thursday before the race, went to the hospital, go out on Saturday night, and went to eliminations Sunday.

We will go the next few years to see if the 4-Wide can grow on us, but if not, we'll probly switch to Bristol <until Bruton changes that race too> or Pomona 1.
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