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Originally Posted by HEMI_guy View Post
So it only takes one grade point to get into P/M? Or was that one point requirement just for Indy '16?

Are there any divisonal races on the schedule before 3/12/18?

My bet is she'll run P/M at the Gators with no grade points.

And isn't there a rule that disallows Pro racers from running in more than one Pro class per event? I know they can run both a sportsman class and a Pro class. But I thought they couldn't run in two pro classes per event.

And before I'm labled as a EE hater, I'm actaully a fan of hers.
There are Divisonal races before the Gators. Orlando is one.
PM isn’t a Professional Class… yet.
a21stud only refers to the more common 21 stud flathead motors early drag racers coveted before the Chy. Hemi and sbc came along.
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