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Originally Posted by Mike Carr View Post
There IS a LOT more to NHRA than just Nitro. A casual stroll through the pit area will show this. However, NHRA does NOTHING to promote any classes that lack both nitro and a supercharger. I've heard more than once, on the Audiocast and at the track, the announcers comment that, after the Nitro cars are done, "Hey fans, take a walk back to the pits...get an autograph, see this, see that, get a sandwich, etc etc". Basically saying "Hey fans, completely disregard the cool cars at the ready line that are competing next...they are not relevant". The average fan never gets an explanation about what the other classes are, and what they are about. If NHRA spent one tenth of the time they spend on Nitro explaining other classes and how they work, it might help develop fans of other Classes. Sadly, NHRA apparently has no interest in doing so.
Excellent post. It gets a little old listening to some of these enablers who have left nitro run drag racing into it's weak state.