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It's entertaining that this banter still goes on. Money has finally got what it wanted in racing all along. Money doesn't like getting beat by someone that can out think them hence the rules packages we have evolved to in all forms of racing from drag racing to roundy round to the road racers. Money doesn't like to loose in any sport, it is sort of a right they impose because, well, they have money and should win.
The fuel classes are the ultimate moron class as they brag about blowing up a $50k body lke it was a bag of skittles. The guy in the stands that only makes $30K a year really appreciates this, and the fan interest goes down. The grand illusion that they are doing something wonderfull continues.
Pro Stock isn't much different, the current rules package makes it so. It's currently so scienced out that the costs have to esculate because it takes high $$ r&d to make the next .001 sec. gain. To me the rules have been manipulated that way over the years to make sure high $$ will win. Wind tunnel developed body packages, you need this, need that. Sad to say that Bob Glidden may have been relegated to an "also ran" in this environment. He played with real cars not high $$ aerodynamic blobs.
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