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Originally Posted by Mac4264 View Post
Yes factory style car with current power plants. Best example is Ryan Martins car street outlaws with our engines for now. No old cars everything late model. This would take time but can be done. Car really is cheaper part of doing this one reason why never did mind spending the money to build new car cause top sportsman guys will buy them from you when you want fresh tubing. Little bit of a slap in the face when guys say we should just go do that kind of racing. I can bracket race 15 miles from my house with lots less headaches.
So you think that you will shame Ford and FCA back in by using GM engines in Mustangs and Darts?

You and your pals have caused NHRA to approve non existent Ford parts. That's pretty stupid. So you want to build up a rapport with Ford. Doing this will not help.

Your demise is imminent.
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