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Originally Posted by DynoGrump View Post
if the rules were changed such that the exact factory body dimensions were required, isn't it possible one style may be inherently better suited for 200mph racing than the others, since the manufacturers design more for vanity & style than aero performance. everyone seems to hate the current pro stock body style template but its kind of a 'necessary evil' in order to make all styles equal. once a particular stock body style demonstrates an advantage, then everyone will favor that car and we end up right back where we are today. Remember the early pro mod days when the 80% of the field was made up of 67 corvettes !!
Which is exactly what the FS/XX cars are dealing with rather successfully right now. The wide-body Dodge is the quickest but all three are pretty equal.

The adjustment that could be used by NHRA to work towards aero equality would be the wings. They could be slightly different for each body style in an attempt to create aero equality.

Then it would be back to work on drive train power and efficiency to determine who has the better mousetrap.

Radial tire racing has 1990 Fox body coupes with a little wing running 200 mph in the 1/8th mile on small tires. NHRA's decree of lump bodies for safety isn't a legit argument.
a21stud only refers to the more common 21 stud flathead motors early drag racers coveted before the Chy. Hemi and sbc came along.
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