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Here's another thought that my neighbor and I were just discussing this week.

How many people still have Cable or Satellite (Dish, Direct tv.)?

I myself, ditched cable a year ago because of 2 things, The high monthly costs and no need for 300+ channels that I usually don't watch.

I just kept the home Wifi and now have a streaming device to watch the channels that I choose at a price of $44. a month for the wifi compared to $200.

What I am getting a is, How can the rating companies accumulate data from someone actually watching that channel when they are not hooked up to a cable or Sat box. Sure the first race was on the FOX main network in which most get through a digital antenna or the base tier of their provider?

FS1, FS2, ESPN, etc. are part of a "sports package" in which some choose not to have in their cable lineup.

This is my thought on why maybe, just maybe they are showing that ratings are down not with just NHRA but straight across the board with other sports.
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