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F1 engine meeting focuses on cost, sound ahead of 2021 changes
By Luke Smith Apr 1, 2017, 8:30 AM EDT

As per an FIA statement issued on Saturday, there was “broad agreement for the future evolution of Formula 1 power units”, with the following areas being of particular focus:
•A desire to maintain F1 as the pinnacle of motor sport technology, and as a laboratory for developing technology that is relevant to road cars.
•Striving for future power units to be powerful, while becoming simpler and less costly to develop and produce.
•Improving the sound of the power units
•A desire to allow drivers to drive harder at all times.

FIA President Jean Todt has previously stressed that F1 would not be returning to V8 or V10 engines in the future, believing it would not accepted by manufacturers, but this meeting points towards positive steps being taken to find a compromise.
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