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Originally Posted by HEMI_guy View Post
I don't see how lossening traction is making things any safer. I think it's the opposite. By nature racers are always going to test the limits and in doing so with a slicker track will put more racers in more precarious situations. Speed doesn't kill nearly as much as a car going sideways does. Over -revving engines tend to explode more than those turning tires stuck to the pavement. Aside from all that, fans don't come to the track to see aborted runs.
I despise the no prep races and street outlaw garbage, but if they are going to make the tracks as unsafe as street racing, this ENTIRE Wally Parks philosophy is officially in the crapper. Wheel spin turns this into Benny the Bomb racing. I get the board of directors saying they will police themselves, but when all you see from NHRA are the explosions to promote the races and they see more asses in the stands, maybe they are betting on more bombs.

I get it, I would think the pro stock camp is happier with lesser track prep, look how Enders found the winners circle again. They get their wheels speed back. Its the **** rev limiters that some einstein needs to address.
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