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So now Lanny Miglizzi and the other track specialists become super relevant more than ever. It is just now they will need to graph the track all the way to the finish line. It may look like a bunch of ants running around with the little data gathering Traxxas cars gathering information and guys dragging "Tire rotation blocks" after 1/2 track or rolling around on creepers with durometers in the lights. In reality this may be a good thing that evens out the competition by not who can afford the most parts, but who can negotiate the track the best on that day with the conditions. The hardest part probably will be to have the competition be not about the numbers on the board, but who can win with the track conditions for the race. We will likely see more of the lesser funded teams have a better chance, since they are not being beat up by mega budgets because of parts attrition. WE could see different CC's (and track specialists) being the "Big man on track" as well as driver skills being more important. Maybe flashing a giant "WINNER" with MOV numbers on the Board instead of ET & MPH will stop everyone from seeing an insignificant Speed & ET (as far as who won) anyway. This may or may not work, but at least the NHRA is trying something to to improve what is stale and not working any more now.
P.S. Drag racing was the most popular (and exciting) before the ultra traction races - something to think about!
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