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Old 03-08-2015
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Default The Strip @ LVMS

So I am thinking about attending the race in Vegas next month and had a few questions about the track.

I would be flying in from Phoenix and staying either on the strip or somewhere off the strip and was wondering if the track runs any shuttles to and from the strip during the race weekend and if they do how early/late do they run?

What side are the pits on and should I get the general admission tickets like I normally do for other tracks or would it benefit me to buy reserved seats in the main grandstand? Normally walking at a race does not bother me but I imagine I will be pretty well inebriated at some point during the weekend and I should probably plan on a day where little walking is done just to be safe

I also normally take a unopened gallon jug of water with me and was wondering if that is not allowed or if it is ok.

Also anyone have any suggestions on where to stay? Was probably going to stay on a Ceasar property because I can get a comp for Thursday and Monday but was wondering if anyone had a suggestion where to stay for the weekend
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Old 03-08-2015
70aarcuda 70aarcuda is offline
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General admission ticket will get you in the pits...the main grand stand is reserve seat only ...the General Ad seats are on the opposite of the grandstand access thru the tunnel at about mid track near the end of the main grand stand...

Not sure if there is any public transportation to the track...I know the public bus will go as far as Nellis AFB which is a couple miles short of the track...a taxi will take ya there for sure...LOL..

The a reserve seat is the main grandstand will provide shade in the afternoon sun....otherwise the view is about the same from either side of the track..
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Old 03-08-2015
GolfRacer GolfRacer is offline
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No shuttle and taxi is expensive.
The general admission seats are shade.
Acres of paved parking.
They will let you in with water.
Very clean facility.
There is always a hotel deal promoted through NHRA site. Generally the Fremont Street hotels. $59 or so. We stay at the Monte Carlo as they give teams a deal. It needs a rehab.
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Old 03-08-2015
zonanitro zonanitro is offline
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I'm staying at the Excalibur 4/8-4/11...I'm flying from Phx to....There is shuttle service from Excalibur.....Key tours las vegas provides it...They also pick up from other hotels to.....Not sure which one's tho

Call Key Tours (800) 261-2691
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