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Old 07-29-2014
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Default PSR Danielle DePorter T-Shirts

Hey guys,

I'm selling these 1992 Danielle DePorter T-Shirts for Paul Smith.

Check 'em out on eBay:

They came straight from Paul Smith, therefore they are 100% authentic shirts from 1992!
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Old 08-06-2014
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Neat piece of history!

This part of the listing is incorrect information though..
"Danielle DePorter was runner-up to Al Hoffman in Seattle, 1992"
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Old 08-09-2014
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History indeed. Yes, thanks for posting it! Pics added to my collection.

I think t-shirts will be valuable one day. You just don't see these often and a lot of times they were the only thing attached to a driver/car/team since many had no print material. Youngest TF driver, 4-second those little tidbits they used to put on them back in the day. And unused ones? Nice!
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