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Old 07-10-2017
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Default 50 Years-The Greatest 1 day TF Race@The Greatest Drag Strip Ever

50 years ago, at the greatest drag strip this sport has ever known, the ultimate 1-day AA/FD, Top Gas,and Jr. Fuel was held in July. The track, the most famous piece of asphalt this sport has ever known, located at 223rd& Alameda in Wilmington, California. Promoted by Doug Kruse, this event was, still, and will ever be known as the best 1-day dragster race ever.............

The 1967 Professional Dragster Championships at the holy grail of 1320 feet, the unequaled, pace-setter, LIONS DRAG STRIP baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never in the history of this dang sport has there ever been a 1-day field of diggers only as there was at this race.

64 car qualified field of AA/FD, 32-car Top Gas, and the largest ever field ever of the best Jr. Fuel ever assembled.

Dad and I looked forward to this race for so long, got there at 9:00a.m. a full 2 hours before the first "open" qualifying session at 11:00a.m.. Then it was on for structured qualifying, it was incredible.

What a deal as the first round was delayed due to the massive, repeat, massive traffic jam on the (405) San Diego Freeway that delayed the start.

The 64-car first round, 32 races, took less than 90 minutes, no delays, no oil downs, the whole round was clean. The races were done somewhere near 1:00a.m.. It will, has, and been noted and agreed that this races was epic.

Thanks Lions, Doug Kruse and company for burning a memory that holds strong after all this time

Talladega Short Track Announcer
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Old 07-11-2017
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I was there too......everything you said, and more. I still have a poster of that race hanging on my office wall.
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