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Originally Posted by Stefan2k4 View Post
A21stud, is absolutely correct! .
Would someone tell my wife?
a21stud only refers to the more common 21 stud flathead motors early drag racers coveted before the Chy. Hemi and sbc came along.
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Originally Posted by slugbelch View Post
Remember when Bruno said over and over, during the Keystones or Madison race, that PS is "The most technically advanced race car in all of motorsports"?

I think F1 may argue with that statement, but he could be right otherwise.
Some Comp eliminator cars and Promods are more advanced than Pro stock because rules restrictions by NHRA. 1 brand of fuel injection.Some Comp cars
run Motec EFI computer, probably one of the best in the World. Promods total billet blocks and heads with advanced computer. Prostock has limit on weight of internal components.

I say open up the rules and run what you brung. Will costs get out of hand, probably but some items will reduce cost. EG Pneumatic valve springs, one time expense but significantly lower replacement rate.
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