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Old 05-23-2015
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Default Wanna smell like a burnout?

Sunoco Made a Burnt Rubber Cologne. It Smells Fantastic
By John Jannuzzi

What if you could spritz that oddly sensual combination of emotions on every morning when you head out the door? You would be an unstoppable, sweet-scented god among men, carrying the aroma of burnt rubber wherever you go. Sunoco, the official fuel of Nascar, IndyCar, and the National Hot Rod Association, know this. They also know that not all of us can absorb the smells of the track due to the hectic nature of our own individual lives. But since they want us to be our best selves, they've distilled into "Burnt Rubbèr," a fragrance that captures the essence of racing with the scent of, well, burnt rubber. We gave it a test, and hard as it might be to believe, it wasn't bad at all. A little sweet, a lot burnt, one whiff and we were there at the track. Of course, something this legendary is at a premium. A limited number of bottles were brewed, and you can't even buy it (luxury is priceless). According to the scent wizards at Sunoco, "you can only win it." Want your own? Keep an eye on Burnt Rubbèr's website.
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Old 05-26-2015
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Hahaha saw the commercial air during the broadcast. Didn't they used to have a candle you could buy with the same smell?
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