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Originally Posted by Eugene Gray View Post
I must have stumbled into the wrong thread...I could have sworn this was a Lee Beard thread but I see it is just another bash the Pedregons thread.
I look forward to Lee's technical commentary. I would also love to hear about his stories from the past from his Indy highs and lows. For example the use of the throttle stop for the burnout would be a great lead in to showing Pat Austin's unfortunate final round burnout from 1991. That was so heart breaking after having just lost Gary Ormsby. They don't run into the dusk hours anymore, but keeping up with the tricky IRP surface can be challenging round after round. I think if utilized right he can be a great asset.

Sidetracking now but, can we get Whit Bazemore to make a cameo doing top end interviews? Nothing against Amanda but that would be great. Figure out how to get Scelzi in there too.

Keeping with the throwback theme of the weekend that NASCAR and other series do, the broadcast could even be a throwback with the intro or graphics or music from the Diamond P days like NBC does. They even allow old school commentators during a segment of their race. I'd love to hear Dave Mac come back out of retirement even if just for one round. Where's Marty Reid? When Cruz loses round 1 he can throwback to his 2001 commentary days..
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