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Pretty much what I had in mind.
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Originally Posted by RVT1000 View Post
Pretty much what I had in mind.
Yes, by far, the better design. I would not be surprised if F1 dumps the halo for this. I think there'll be a lot of feedback from drivers after a season with the halo and it won't be good feedback either.
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Originally Posted by Roger Gates View Post
Looking at the Vortex generators all over this thing it is pretty obvious that the car was not designed in an ART class. I would venture to say that in a smoke test in a wind tunnel that this thing even depends on the drivers helmet location as well as maybe also his arms and shoulders. It is quite possible that in many situations it would be safer than being completely enclosed because of having a negative pressure in the cockpit which will keep fire and smoke out and from being trapped in along with Halon which is not breathable. You have to remember that the canopy on a dragster was originally designed to keep water out of the cockpit of a boat for 30 minutes in case of sinking with shielding as a secondary precaution. The canopy on dragsters is good, but not necessarily the only way to "skin a cat" so to say. Think of the only T/F racer who pilots a Drag Boat that is required to have a Canopy. Does he have one on his Dragster and why not? Surely not the money or the need to be "Macho"!
They were modeled after F16 canopies, not boats. At least, according to DSR and Aerodine. It was actually designed from the ground up as a stand alone capsule system specifically for dragsters with a top, bottom and sides that enclosed the driver...and ended up being whittled down to just the canopy portion, from what I understand, due to weight possibly. It's referred to as an "enclosed driver cockpit safety system for dragsters"...and described it as an "enclosed driver protection device."

It's got the canopy of a F-16 jet fighter on it. It's made to go 3,000 mph," he said. "I had to shrink it down a little bit. The only reason it's not the same thing is the one that goes on the 33 inches wide and the car is only 22 inches wide.
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