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Old 05-13-2011
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The main thing here is that this is not a Capsule in the sense that it is a separate detachable unit from the car. It is in fact a canopy replacing the cowl with the compartment sealed (or semi sealed) from unwanted debris or objects / matter getting to the driver. The Boat Capsule (which was copied after an F16 model does in fact separate and is sealed from water with it's own oxygen / air supply. Top Fuel cars must have a SFI 2.3N certification which will not let that area be a Capsule as such. There is not much room for pipe placement, detachment or deviation between the Foot Box & the rear of the cage which by design are "Break Points", leaving the tub as somewhat of a capsule in an catastrophic incident. As far as aerodynamic advantage the current application that the DSR cars have is just about as good as the new enclosed canopy except for the surface tension void for the air flow with the open design. From studying Walter Korff's papers (SAE #660390) on the Summers Brothers "Goldenrod" and learning from Don DeBring who also was at Lockheed there is not a whole lot that can be gained as far as "Aero", given all the rest of the car is a aerodynamic disaster. It would seem that the shape of the canopy would be better suited to use a true ogive (Basically a flattened out S shape that is pretty much the same from the intersection point both ways) with with flatter sides. As far as 60 lb. goes it must be in the support system & other enclosure materials beside the canopy itself. I built the canopy on my car pictured below out of .050 aluminum with Lexan & it is less than 10 lb. with the hinge & locks. It was 1975 & things were cheaper, but there was not $100 involved in materials for all of it. At 327 MPH sustained on the salt there is not even a whisper of air coming in. There has been discussion about what would happen in a roll over with fire as far as the driver getting out. It is no different than a F/C or some Comp cars. If the car is "Turtle" with the wheels straight up it doesn't matter. The huge fuel line going through the middle of the car has always been there. It's a nice deal to talk about, but I can't see it becoming mandated or giving any significant performance advantage; only peace of mind as far as safety goes.
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Old 05-13-2011
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I kinda think if a boat wants a capsule to skip along the water like a carefully thrown rock, that makes all the sense in the world. But a capsule detaching from the car, letting a driver "eject" is getting him out of the way, but what about the guy in the other lane? If he does eject, he ends up skidding and scraping along the asphalt, a little tougher on the materials than water.

Top fuel dragsters already have a downsize in front of the motor which will break in the catastrophic failure. all drivers should think about is a little KB aircraft wheel on the bottom to let him roll away while still steering the front half.

They have more power and are allowed to only make it last 900 feet, I think there are much bigger problems if the thought process is keep this stuff behind my driver out of the cockpit, so put a window in front of him. Bottom line, does this capsule get us back to 1320? No, to me its telling everyone we are blowing these things up quicker and faster than ever before, they arent gonna make that extra 320 feet anyway. All this when safety improvements like a front end suspension on a funny car and a monostrut wing are cast by the wayside.
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Old 05-15-2011
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Looks like something else to cut away for driver extraction.
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