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Old 08-30-2010
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Originally Posted by old geezer View Post
AGREED.......I couldn't believe what mr idiot was saying, but I guess if thats what he thinks......
How many owners have you worked for that could even replace you at your job if you missed work one day? There are very few that can actually do a job that his employees do.

There are alot of stupid people out there sure, but there are still stupid millionaires too, and Gray having money has nothing to do with racing. He might as well sponsor 24 teams and win the title that way then if being the richest means you are the best. Just nothing at all to do with racing 1320 feet..
Sometimes the peanut gallery can make a useful suggestion.
Old 08-31-2010
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Originally Posted by anotheridiot View Post
What LArry, because he is a billionaire we need to listen to him? Our country listened to billionaires long enough, look where it got us. There have to be far more valid points to make other than a billionaire said its important.
Yes, perhaps we should listen to him. He's been a real business man not some phony or no nothing.
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