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You don't have to be gorgeous to sing country music , read the evening news or be a Hollywood starlet . Investors and promoters have determined that it's that way in our society . Its gotta sell to sponsors ! Danica sold out to hang , bottom line . But money wise she's a winner in the end . She could never race with cars around her, a body man at her race shop had to be making serious cash. But the farce ran it's course and nobody wants to pay for it anymore , and really it wasn't that fun to watch . For someone to "make it " and appear as miserable , over focused and uptight as her , it's time to move on . What's needed , and she's out there , is someone with Enders drive and talent that won't be intimidated by the good old boy network. I'm getting old , I hope she shows up soon !
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Enders would prob have the same results or worse, Erica is focused for 10 seconds and only one car 20' away is not the same as 40 cars around you for 3 hrs
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