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Old 04-09-2018
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Originally Posted by Paul Songas View Post
I could not believe there were only 3 cars!

Outlaw Turbo is not a bad idea. Big turbos with no boost restrictions.
Turbos are allowed in PX, there's a couple that are really competitive. Unless they changed the rules and I missed it.
1/4 mile vs 1/8 mile...

Who cares?
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Old 04-09-2018
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"Outlaw" anything just does not produce sustainable car count. Its very short-lived because sooner or later, everybody gets moneyed out. They have tried an all turbo class before and they got six cars at the first event and less the next one. As much as people tout turbos, there are really just a very finite amount fitting the description you guys are talking about.

PX is 2350 min at 128 OD max for screw cars. I can tell you that very few other power adders want to race against that. Even other screw cars do not want to race against that. LOL

You may have noticed that NMCA allows both screw and bigger turbos but their weights and restrictions are much more in line with what will produce closer racing. You may also have noticed there's more turbo cars showing up over there. If you want car count the bottom line is you have to have rules that make sense in place.
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