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Old 03-11-2016
TopFuel@Lions TopFuel@Lions is offline
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Default What are drag racing fans favorite bands?

What are your favorite bands as drag race fans? Any era, any type.

For me.

Old School Stuff-Elvis
Country-Alan Jackson

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Old 03-11-2016
odspice14 odspice14 is offline
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ZZ Top
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Ronnie Baker Brooks
Jason Aldean
Jake Owen
George Thorogood
Lynyryd Skynyryd
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Tech N9ne
LL Cool J
Luke Bryan
Steel Panther

pretty diverse taste in my musical selections
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Old 03-11-2016
cpt nhra's Avatar
cpt nhra cpt nhra is offline
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ZZ Top
Three Dog Night
Skid Row
Pearl Jam
Garth Brooks
Brooks and Dunn
anything Motown
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Old 03-11-2016
kb301 kb301 is offline
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Breaking Benjamin
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Old 03-11-2016
shaketown dave's Avatar
shaketown dave shaketown dave is offline
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beach boys
willie nelson
canned heat
johnny winter
pink floyd
lisa haley-zydeco
stone temple pilots
type o negative
rage against the machine
albert king
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Old 03-12-2016
HEMI_guy HEMI_guy is offline
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Led Zepplin - Plant is the official voice or all rock-n-roll.
Allman Bro.s
Tool - LOVE the 5 string bass and serious precussion.
Steely Dan
Deep Purple "Smoke on the water" - least fav. / "Lazy" - fav.
Van Halen
Spyra Gyra
Sound Garden
Kings of Leon
Stevie Ray Vaughn
ZZ Top - Degquello and earlier. Eliminator and newer got too "disco" for me.
Supertramp - "School" is responsible for me becoming an audiophile/audio freek.
311 - their least rappy stuff anyway
Aerosmith - nothing after Toys In the Attic. Their talent went south after that.
Very early Black Sabath - "The Wizard" is awesome.
AC/DC - Their stuff with hard bass lines and precussion like "Sin City" and "Livewire".
B.B. King
Jeff Beck - Wired and Blow By Blow
Steve Vai
Eric Johnson

......and many, many more!

Never got into the "Big Hair" 80's/90's stuff like Posion or White Snake.

Very small doses of Willy Nelson and or Johny Cash is as country as I can go.

ABSOLUTELY NO rap / hip-hop ghetto $#l+! I'd rather hear finger nails on a chalk board!

Sound system in my work shop:
Home built 3 way (tri-amped) speakers that consist of JBL 2242's (18"), JBL 2206's (12" mids) and Gauss 1502 tweeters.
Amplification consists of a Crown Macro Tech 2400 for the 18's, Crown Micro Tech 600 for the mids and a Hafler DH 200 for the tweets. Sound processors are a Rane AC23 corssover and an Alesis 32 band EQ. Yes I like feeling my pant legs shake on deep bass notes and kick drum beats. A saying heard often in my shop is "It's not loud, it's realistic!" Plus I like hearing my music over my routers and saws!

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Old 03-12-2016
mgty3whlr mgty3whlr is offline
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What a variety of music.
I could go on for hours because I used to be a D.J. at night clubs and bars.
So, my music choices would be all over the board.

Fleetwood Mac
Tom Petty
Tool (agree with Hemi,between the bass and the drummer an awesome combo next to my next talented entry below)
Phil Vassar
Keith urban
Kenny Chesney (country side of Jimmy Buffett..but him too)
Old school dance music:
Stevie B
The Cover Girls
Rob base and d.j ez rock (it takes 2).. of course, that's before rap got into guns and drugs.
how about... Rapper's Delight?
Then I could go into the Hair bands.
Motley crue
can't forget Dio
Then of course.
Eric Johnson (cliffs of dover)
Joe Satriani
Then slow things down a bit
Tangerine Dream
Horsepower: How hard you hit the wall
Torque: How far you take the wall with you
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Old 03-12-2016
vescret vescret is offline
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I'm all over the place but here are a few that I'm currently listening to.
Smashing Pumpkins are my top favorite
Dinosaur Jr
The Cure
Joy Division
Judas Priest
David Bowie (the man)
Pink Floyd
Municipal Waste
New Order
Daft Punk
Mos Def
Talib Kweli
Fat Jon (NOT FAT JOE!)
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Old 03-12-2016
techrat_77 techrat_77 is offline
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The Doors
Blue Oyster Cult (early stuff)
Deep Purple (Ian Gilllan/Rod Evans era)
Blackmore's Rainbow
Blackmore's Night
Jack White
Stevie Ray Vaughn
"2X Former Member" - NHRA
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Old 03-12-2016
slugbelch slugbelch is online now
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Location: Atlanta
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Just to name a few:
Thin Lizzy. The most underrated band of all time.
Steve Vai
Yngwie Malmsteen
Joe Satriani
Eric Johnson
Guy Mann Dude
Jeff Beck
Any band Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, George Lynch, or Paul Gilbert is a member of.

btw, another legend passed away Thursday. RIP Keith Emerson. Founder of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
(First 5 min. is all Keith. The last 4 min. is his monstrous 1968 keyboard. The birth of the keyboard/moog)
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