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Old 10-03-2018
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Default NASCARs New Racing Package Debut In 2019
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Old 10-03-2018
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Nascar is getting like the NFL. Be politically correct.

Want to make racing better, get ride of spotters, no radio communication with team, only with nascar officials. Go back to signs on pitwall to tell ldriver when to pit.
Make the drivers figure what line to take and not know to save gas, run the low line, who is faster.

Oh and they want them to look more like the street car put mirrors on them.

and Nascar does not penalize cheaters. Kick the crew chief out if there is 1 lug nut missing at end of race but do not pass prerace inspection 3 times and we just send you to the back of the field for the start of the race.

My take, you do not pass after 3 times you are out of the race and not eligible for the chase. .. yeah yeah yeah, sponsors will not be happy, tv will not be happy, but guess what, you will not see it happen again.

How about qualifying on the pole but fail post qualifying inspection, what??????
My take Done, done Done. you did not qualify, pack up and go home.

How about winning the race and failing post race inspection, Done done done, go home and you get last place money, no points and no win.

No yellow after the stages and no restriction on when you can pit before stage end.

Just sad state of affairs in nascar.
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