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Old 11-05-2012
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Default Pedalling a Fuel Car.

Apologies if this has been posted before, but I have always wondered what the driver is doing when they are pedalling a fuel car.

Are they simply on and off the loud pedal ? or is there a combination of throttle, brake lever and clutch pedal being used during pedalling ?

I can assume that each situation on track requires different driver inputs depending on what the race car is doing, or am I over-thinking it and it's just a simple on / off the throttle pedal ?

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Old 11-05-2012
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Mostly on off the pedal. No on the clutch for sure. The brake thing is an art of the past and is only useful on a dragster really. Mike Dunn is probably the last master of the brake method. FC's with their front brakes are best not playing with them. Maybe if its a situation to get the front end down softly... But even then doubtful these days. With the wheelie bars setup the way they are and the tendency of all four tires coming off the ground on an FC it's best to get out of it, pull the chutes, land, make sure it's straight, then brake.

As for the loud pedal it varies from slapping the pedal hard to break the clutch pack apart to try and start the application of it over again; to feathering the pedal to leave the clutch applied and just bringing the power back slowly and smoothly. It depends really on the reason for the pedal in the first place and where the car is down the track.
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