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Old 08-14-2008
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Originally Posted by larrydavis427
I actually think NHRA should post warm up warnings for nitro. I've complained for years about a one or two minute warning for fans to clear out. Last year we were in the nitro tent when one of Force's cars started up. The burning smell came right into the tent choking some of the children. We took the kids and ran. To dangerous for the eyes and lungs. But nothing like two PS's in a staging battle and then listen to those 1500 hp motors bring the revs up. Come on Maple Grove!! For me it's hands down the most exciting moment in sports.
Why not call out all Lawyers for Christ sake! You've been a fan of Drag racing for how long? And you just discovered that Nitro fumes can burn the nose and eyes? I'm sure if you look at an MSDS sheet for the Racing gas that your beloved Pro stocker's use I'm willing to bet you'll see some carsinogens listed! You think the Lawyers you want involved will stop at Nitro? Get a life man!

crazy talk

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