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Default PDRA Reemphasizes Commitment To Pro Extreme Class
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“This organization is ‘by racers, for racers’,” continued Harris. “We want to make this organization great for racers in every class we offer. Pro Extreme is no exception.”

I think this is part of the problem. When has a race org ran by racers ever been successful? I really like PDRA and PX, but the show is to long between pro runs on Friday and Saturday and in totality. I'm a die hard, but my days of being at the track for 12+ hours is over. They need a President that is not a racer and will balance the fans and racers enjoyment.

Galot and Maryland attandance was poor. We will see what happens at Michigan and Columbus.

It may have been Duck or another race promoter during the chase to PN first 3.60 run, tons of cars in PX and the new exciting class PB, said that PDRA should have had 10000 fans a night, but attandance was poor.

I wish PDRA the best, but to me it has always been club racing with them allowing paying fans in to watch.
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