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Old 09-08-2016
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Default One Day

Last several weeks I've been really longing to get back into a race car.

I raced from 10 to 15 in Jrs and 16-19 in a EF/SA Sundance and a Super Pro Vega and had been at the track every week for as long as I can remember helping my dad with the Vega (I was 5 or so when he got it).

I need to get my Dad back into his Ramble/SBC/PG street car project that he started a couple years ago with the intent for us to race. That's the quickest way to get on the track (My Neon stick daily driver is not an option, I like my diff pin and I need to drive 110 miles/day to work)

I've day dreamed about a bracket front engine dragster for a cheaper route onto the track considering a 400hp engine goes a long ways in such a light car.

I think I really want to end up in a Super Gas Camaro roadster. Something that can run mid-upper 8s off the stop.

Not much too this, just rambling and day dreaming.

One day.
1/4 mile vs 1/8 mile...

Who cares?
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