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Originally Posted by mgty3whlr View Post
A perfect explanation! Look how many drivers out there that expected to make a living as a PRO driver and ended up back at a 9 to 5 job. Sorry but I don't have enough fingers to count especially if I included my toes also.
I remember that from the TV show they had. I think if John had his way they would have been in A/Fuel in high school. He would have also moved them up right after graduating.

Alexis Dejoria went through the same thing with her dad. He made her spend a few years in super comp and a few more in alcohol funny car before financing the fuel funny car. John Paul could have wrote a check and let her start at the top but he had her prove she was ready.

The jobs in my industry don't require a degree. After securing new funding for school, I went back and finished my degree. You don't know what the future holds and I wanted to have a plan b.
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