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Originally Posted by HEMI_guy View Post
But one thing's for certain.... DSR does NOT have $100k wrapped up in the piece of sheet metal. But if they do they're spending miney like the government does on those infamous $600 hammers and the development costs on that enclosed canopy has to be well into the millions.

In the whole cockpit capsule design configuration he does. Not the shrouds.
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Old 10-28-2011
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I can't believe you even had to explain that!!!!
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Why? It was reported that he had that much into it. Then after post #125 nobody set the fact straight so I could do nithing else but figure all parties involved were still insinuating the lttle shroud was into Don's pocket for $100K.
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Based on what made them make the decision, the decision they made, and on the way the NHRA made their decision. Why haven't they banned all rear engine dragsters yet? There has not been one built that has proven to keep fire out of the cockpit. Each one is built in the hopes that it is faster than all the others by having some kind of performance edge. Maybe they're waiting for Pomona...
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From another forum.

Don Schumacher

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Re: NHRA Tech says to DSR Top Fuelers "Take It Off"!

The $100,000 plus that DSR has spent is on the fully enclosed cockpit that we have worked on. Not this shroud. All of this work is being done to try and improve the safety for the driver.
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