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Old 02-05-2012
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Tony Shumacher was the first one to suggest hitting it with a sledgehammer 1/4 miler, its not fair to jump on rowdy for that. I am just saying a lot of smarter men thought hardened tubing was the way to go and john force almost lost his legs because of it. As far as going to funerals, are you suggesting any lives could have been saved if there was a canopy on top of a dragster? They lifted the windscreen to the top of the drivers helmet as it is and all nhra needs to decide is what happens if getting this canopy off is what looses those seconds needed to get a driver out. All plastics give off poisonous fumes when they burn, they are chemical reactions and a reason I, in chicago can still not use PVC pipe in my house, so if this melts with the driver inside burning, is he also gonna be suffocating or poisoned? Yeah, I get there is a release on the outside, but when an engine lets go, who knows what will be jammed into that release or tweak the tubing so it locks in place.
Sometimes the peanut gallery can make a useful suggestion.
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Old 02-05-2012
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Originally Posted by 1/4 Miler View Post
I would suggest that you Research what is really going on and understand how knowledgeable designers and engineers are trying to Save Lives (we're Tired of Attending our Friends Funerals and all that entails) before posting a derogatory post such as yours (Implyed by saying to you it looked like it was made of acrylic) about a Safety Device.

Given this Thread seems to be 'Headed South' by unknowledgeable contributors, I'm done providing Information ....
A little sensitive there, aren't we? You're gonna pick up your toys and go home and brand this thread a waste of time because one of our longtime, respected members mistakenly identified the chemical composition of a race car canopy?

Thanks for the drive-by shooting and the chemistry lesson. Have a good day.
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Old 02-05-2012
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Thanks for the support. Not sure i deserve any. It's so easy to misread people on these message boards.

The comments about beating on it with a sledgehammer was meant as a humorous way to say ...let's see some real world impact test on it. Tony suggested it was strong... i have no doubt it is. We all know how important it is to keep flying debris out of the cockpit.

It's probably not going to happen... but wouldn't it be cool to see Tony Schumacher standing over this cockpit with a hammer whaling away at the winternationals as a demonstration of it's strength? If it's design is such that it can take a hit like that... wouldn't it go a long way in showing the average joe just how strong it is?

What will NHRA do for tests? Do they just look at the data provided to them before making their decision or do they do some real tests of their own?

Is Acrylic a dirty word?
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Old 02-05-2012
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Originally Posted by Rowdy View Post
Thanks for the support. Not sure i deserve any.
You sure do!

I figure most got the gist of your comments Rowdy.

The fact of the matter is, there were valid questions regarding the material make-up of the windscreen primarily due to the comments of Tony Schumacher. And the clarification of it's make-up by another member is sincerely appreciated.

In review, none of the comments in this thread (or anywhere else as far I can see) malign the efforts of anyone involved in the design or build of this canopy, which no doubt does eclipse anything done previously.

I say let NHRA & Aerodine Composites Group complete the scrutineering and approval process without interference by team releases and unneccessary lobbying.

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Old 02-09-2012
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