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Originally Posted by a21stud View Post
NHRA drag racing isn’t remotely as popular or profitable as the NFL, NBA or MLB. But NHRA shoots itself in the foot by doing something those very successful stick and ball promoters don’t do. NHRA dilutes its prime product during prime time. NHRA’s prime product is their loud, 330 mph, nitro burning, ground pounding, horizontal manned rockets. They are why spectators pay the big bucks.

Major League Baseball doesn’t have 8 or more high school and college teams sitting around the stadium for three days while they crown a winner for each group. MLB doesn’t start Friday with warm-ups for the high school teams, then put the various college warm-ups on their stage, then a couple of Double A pro league teams take the field before finally bringing out their major league teams for their the warm-ups. MLB doesn’t try to make their crowd come back Saturday for high school games, first round of college and AA league games before the MLB pro team warm-ups end the day.

If the World Series Game is on Sunday, they don’t dilute the action by putting the high school championship game’s first inning on the field and then play the college team and AA league teams first innings before finally brining on the Pro Teams first inning. MLB doesn’t rotate the four different games on and off the field for the rest of the day.

If you gave me free tickets to an MLB mess like that, I wouldn’t stay till the end. But how much do they charge for a World Series Game ticket? Is the MLB making money?

NHRA doesn’t need to throw Pro Stock, FS/XX, Alky Funny Car or any other class away. But they don’t need to subsidize the classes or give them the stage during prime time either. They make Pro Mod pay-to-play and don’t put them on the stage during prime time either. The MLB teams “earned the right” to prime time.

But pay-to-play eliminator or not, all those extra eliminators lengthen the day to where the majority of the fans are either bored or worn out and go home before the nitro finals get on the stage.

How many of you watch the trophy presentation after a World Series final game? Or watch the trophy presentation after the Super Bowl? Its fun and interesting as the announcers and the game itself have kept us interested enough that we want to see it to the end. It’s worth our time. It says a lot about NHRA’s program of eliminations when the crowd doesn’t even stay to see who wins the main event. Had I suffered through the rotation of a high school game, college game, AA league game so I could see the MLB game, I wouldn’t be around for the post game show either.

How does NHRA fix it? Their last two days should only focus on the number of eliminators that would keep us entertained and yet hungry for more and not so bored/tired that anyone leaves early.
NHRA gets to pick who those pro classes are. My thoughts are that Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Mod, Top Alky F/C, Top Alky Dragsters, Nitro Harley and either Pro Stock or FS/XX would be plenty.

All the other classes can still run on Thursday and Friday if they self support. Maybe bring back their final round for Sunday but no other rounds.
If a spectator wants to walk the pits and see Comp cars or Super Stock cars, they need to buy a Thursday or Friday ticket.

Is a World Series ticket worth hundreds of $$ if you have to watch high school and college games intertwined with the MLB game? You give value when you give concise entertainment and eliminate anything that dilutes the program. The nitro cars are the reason the stands fill up and need to be the focus.
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Old 01-05-2018
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Originally Posted by twintownterror View Post
I don’t believe that. If they went to two day events I would at least double the amount I attend per year. If I only had to take a half day or whole day off on Friday from work and only get a hotel room or camp for Friday night and be home on Sunday that would be awesome!
Simple. Skip Fridays and come to for Sat. and Sun. Why would Friday qualifying keep you from coming the other two days?

Unless I either have a free ticket or am helping a team (that's stil in ion Sun.) I only attend Fri. and sat. and skip Sun and go home, since the at-track exerience has been ruined by the whole live TV thing.
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