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Old 03-26-2018
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Default IHRA blew a great opportunity for promotional success.

Unfortunately IHRA’s Mike Dunn and Chris Lesinski found out the hard way you don’t mess with the main money maker of rival NHRA. IHRA’s idea of a new World Top Fuel program (T-1)using some of NHRA’s experienced nitro talent was stillborn when NHRA yanked their nitro teams back in line quickly. They shouldn’t have given up on the idea, just where they were trying to get talent for a new racing class.

Dunn and Lesinski should have looked to the many talented and experienced Pro Mod teams to develop their T-1 program. Pro Mod has more ready to run drag racing teams around the world than any other 200+ mph class.

NHRA has been extremely slow to support Pro Mod and only let them finally race on their stage after requiring the Pro Mod teams to find their own purse paying sponsor. Even with finding their own sponsors, there are many Pro Mod teams that still do not have much of a chance of ever racing at an NHRA national event. NHRA’s stepchild treatment of Pro Mod is likely due to Pro Mod being originally developed and supported by rival IHRA. That would have made it a natural for IHRA's new leadership to kiss and make up while giving the Pro Mod teams top billing on IHRA's stage.

IHRA’s Dunn and Lesinski missed an opportunity as there were and are plenty of Pro Mod teams around the country that might well have loved to have put their various proven “power added” Pro Mod motors it in a uniquely modified T/F style dragster chassis that utilizes electronic traction control. While electronic traction control is outlawed in the NHRA classes, it works extremely well for the outrageously quick, small radial tired cars in the southeast. Adding electronic traction control to a Pro Mod, power adder motor in a lightweight and aerodynamic new chassis would eliminate the uncontrolled tire spin and most dropped cylinders/valves/banged blowers/etc. that plagues the NHRA nitro teams. If IHRA embraced electronic traction control in a new T-1 program, it could drastically reduce downtime needed to clean up after blown motors while adding a fan pleasing variety of turbo, nitrous and blower motors for those spectators to cheer for.

But the real blessing to IHRA Drag Racing would have been the addition of new crowd pleasing show with new stars while not starting a war with the NHRA or their nitro stars.

Putting current Pro Mod motors and power adders into a shorter, very aerodynamic chassis with either a Garlits style mono-wing or unique wings incorporated in the body itself and not on the tall stands would make the racecars lighter and IHRA unique while also reducing support vehicles expenses and making the racecars easier to transport.

NHRA has mistakenly believed that Pro Stockers couldn’t run 210 mph safely unless they were modified into identical looking, aerodynamic lump bodies. But Donald Long and the many RVW racers have proved that to be wrong. (Especially after last week’s $101,000. winner, Mark Micke, used a boxy Malibu with its dinky wing to make multiple 220 mph passes in winning the biggest single race purse paid in drag racing.)

Wouldn’t it have been fun to watch the IHRA’s new T-1 class’s elapsed times drop and their MPH soar as the teams figured out the maximum potentials of the various new power adder combinations on traction control in a lighter vehicle? Would the Crest tooth paste backed, American Dental Association sponsored nitrous powered ride “be the hot setup or would a Blackhawk helicopter style turbo be the hot setup for the Army’s newly sponsored Turbo T-1 racecar?

Come on IHRA. We've heard how deep the pockets of your current ownership is. Don't fold and bail as there is money to be made. It's not to late to do this... is it?
a21stud only refers to the more common 21 stud flathead motors early drag racers coveted before the Chy. Hemi and sbc came along.
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