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Old 11-27-2012
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Default Who are your DRAG RACING 'HEROS'

I had a bad night last night filled with a few business deals that were not quite going all that well, (we've all had days like this) and quite often when this happens, I tend to head to and watch a few drag racing videos of people who I consider to be 'HERO's' of mine.

Sometimes I'll watch an old broadcast with Big Mac and Steve Evans to perk me up. Other times, I'll watch some good footage of Big Daddy, or Dean Skuza and even some of Cory Mac. Recently, my new 'perk me up' video is Jack Beckman's 35 minute awards speech - as I place all (5) of these people as hero's of mine - people I've looked up to in the past or current consider role model's or people who I simply respect.

I'm wondering, who are the people that you'd place on that level in Drag Racing? Our sport is so cool in that we have access to that one-on-one fan/driver/tuner/owner access....but who is on your list of people that when you meet them - you kinda feel in awe?

My Top 5 are:

Big Mac
Big Daddy
Fast Jack
Cory Mac
Rick Santos

How bout you?
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Old 11-27-2012
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Bob Glidden and Warren Johnson.... Two of the hardest working guys in drag racing. They both did it thier way and won many championships doing it.
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Old 11-27-2012
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There are so many, it's hard limit the number but I'll try.

In no particular order.......





Ed Pink

"Broadway" Bob Metzler

The writers & photographers that brought drag racing to an impressionable kid in the '60's.
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Old 11-27-2012
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That's a tough one.. Taking history out of it, I probably have more Tuners and Tuner/Drivers than anyone else currently and don't think I could really limit to 5. People I have learned from, and that I have an incredible amount of respect because of what they're able to accomplish and how they treat others.

In no specific order:
Any Top Fuel/Funny Car Crew Cheif/Crew - Not the easiest thing in the world to get 10,000 horses marching down the track without turning the engine into a giant aluminum fragmentation bomb.

Every Top Alcohol team - Some have more than others, but it is one big family out there. And they keep coming back to basically race for personal glory and to have fun.

Everyone in Pro Stock - Drivers, engine builders, crew chiefs and their crews all have to be on the ball and on the same page just to get one of these things to go straight down the track, let alone quickly. Arguably one of the hardest cars to drive perfectly and tune. Amazing what they're able to squeeze out of those motors and cars.

On a more specific level -
Randy Anderson
Frank Manzo
Les Davenport
Anthony Terenzio/Mickey Ferro
Paul Gill
Bob Newberry
Norm Grimes
Roger Bateman
Tom Conway
Steve Boggs
Strasburg Family
Tim Wilkerson
Lucas Family
Whiteley Family
Larry Morgan
Greg Stanfield
Mark Ingersoll
Arana Family
Bob and Billy Glidden

I'm pretty sure I could keep going, so I'll stop there. It's just tough to narrow a list down because I have all the respect in the world for the history of this sport, but everyone I listed and MANY more are perpetuating this sport, keeping it a family affair, do a lot with very little or a lot with a lot. They remain true to who they are and their roots while growing, learning, contributing and not necessarily always following the rest of the pack! And they are people I've learned a lot from over the years(and still do) and also people who help push you and your program to elevate it to their level of performance.

Basically anybody who has the guts to put a car together, put their neck on the starting line and take the tree in competition is my hero, Pro or Sportsman.
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Old 11-27-2012
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LOL willy, broadway bob. You forgot benny the bomb.....

John Force
Dale Armstrong, a man ahead of his times
Fast Jack Beckman.... perseverance.
Nitro Neil Bisciglia, because he was the big fish in the little pond at GLD, but gave everyone that wanted to talk and learn from him the time of day at the track. It was an honor crewing for him a few races. Then he gave up racing to marry and have a family.

I know I normally dislike the pendegron brothers, but I give them alot of credit for all the match racing they did at the smaller tracks when it was the only opportunity some people had to witness a funny car.
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Old 11-27-2012
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Bob Glidden
Jon Kaase
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Old 11-27-2012
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Bob (Glidden)
Lee Shepherd
Eddie Hill
Force before Ford
Jungle (The Boba Fett of the NHRA)
and of course... BUG's
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Old 11-27-2012
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Bob Glidden,Billy Glidden,Jon Kaase,Steve Evans,The Bader Familly,Don Prodohmme,Ronnie Sox,Dick Landy,Dick brannon,Hubet Platt,local heroes Joe Buchannon,todd Mathia and his father John Mathias among many others
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Old 11-27-2012
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I always like the heros you never hear about , the people that fit and weld them chassis together, i have on vhs the episode of Nhra today show when they interviewed Haas while they were building pro stock stuff , always notice fans checking out the fancy paint on the bodys, I find myself staring at the chassis.
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Old 11-27-2012
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Great, dad gum great question Tim, my hat off my balding grey haired head to you for this great thread.

I must somewhat break it down in a few categories.

Sanctioning body folks.

Jim Tice
Larry Carrier

Track Operators/Promoters

C.J. Hart-my number # 1 non-racer hero
Mike Jones
Steve Evans
"Broadway" Bob


Bernie Mathers
Jon "the voice of drag racing" Lunberg
Steve Evans

Can a track be a hero? May not be alive but it is a hero in my book.

The single most important piece of drag racing pavement.

Lions Drag Strip...simply the greatest of all time.

The racers, my heroes.

Large Father
The Snake
John Mulligan
Bill Jenkins
Jungle Jim
Blaine Johnson
Sneaky Pete.

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